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Open Job: Assistant Accountant

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The Company have an open position for Assistant Accountant. You’ll work within an organisation’s Accounting Department. The role involves assisting accounting Senior Management in the maintenance, reporting and management of the company’s finances.

You will be working in team with current accounting department and management team by completing routine clerical and accounting tasks including the following duties and responsibilities:
  • Danaos journal entries (Entering financial information into appropriate software programs).
  • Having the knowledge and can follow up the MGA (Master General Account), CTM (Cash to Master) and sign off crew accounts.
  • follow up of office payroll, taxes, utilities and other office expenses
  • foreign and domestic creditors follow up
  • Office inventory follow up
  • Managing petty cash transactions
  • Assistance on the feeding data into Danaos system
  • Controlling issuance of various invoices for the Company fleet in according to the law 89. (Verifying balances in account books and rectifying discrepancies)
  • Having the knowledge in answering/making phone calls and handling mail (able to read/type and follow up emails).
  • Recording office expenditures and ensuring these expenses are within the set budget
  • Assisting the finance department and senior accounting staff members with various tasks, including preparing budgets, records, and statements if requested.
Assistant Accountant Skills and Qualifications:
  • Data Entry; Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite; Excellent Skills With Microsoft Office; Payroll Experience; Detail Oriented; Organised; Timely; Competent IT Skills; Strong Bookkeeping Skills; Knowledge of Business Math;
  • Having the Knowledge in using DANAOS system;
  • Strong Written and Oral Communication Skills in English Language;
  • Associate's Degree/diploma in Business Administration or Related Field or Equivalent Work Experience.
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