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Purchasing & Safety Department Position  (Job Description) // Position is covered //
We are open with career opportunities in our Supply & Safety Department with an interesting and challenging position for assistant and experience person, can work in friendly global teamwork environment.

The main important key factors are:

1) The person must be educated in shipping studies to degree level and Fluent in English.

2) Understanding of basic shipping (Terms and Commercial Negotiation Terms)

3) Its important that the person should be organised, careful, pays attention to detail, able to work in a high-pressured environment, dealing with a range of high priority issues and Understanding of basic shipping terms.

The Purchasing & Safety Department are responsible for:

This Department has a wide of responsibilities, therefore our company are looking for person who have the knowledge and being able to organise the supply and purchasing of all consumables for the managed fleet and assist in Safety Department:

(i) Engining, Deck Stores including Provisions
(ii) To follow up the company policy and in accordingly to the ISM Code.

The person to have the knowledge in managing communications between the Masters, Office, Ship Agent and Suppliers in obtaining greater discussant when it comes to purchasing the consumables items of the fleet.

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